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SHOCK STOCK 2013! Or: How to lose weight and and spend money.

Last weekend SHOCK STOCK 2013 blew through London Ontario, giving horror/exploitation/cinemaphile fans a crazy weekend of guests, vendors, and movie screenings. During this event my partner and I volunteered to help run different portions of the weekend. I was schedule maker, door watcher, and general go-to guy for little problems, while Rin was Patricia Quinn’s handler for the weekend. Both of us also ran the Rocky Horror Picture Show screening with a friend of ours, Tyler Baptist behind Bad Monster Films from Saskatoon. Tyler was also the awesome talent behind the retrospective on Christina Lindberg’s career, which culminated in a Q & A with her and Lianne SpiderBaby on Saturday Night! It was a weekend of stress, non-eating,drinking copious amounts of intoxicants, and buying your favourite little gem before someone else gets it(Godzilla VHS). It’s worth it every time.

Full of SLEAZE!

main poster

Here’s how I break the weekend down-

Friday-Vendor Day: This is when the people who really want something (and don’t care about price) come out, finding the rare gems and inside deals, with vendors frequently using this day to get their own shopping done. Also, Friday hosted the Short Shock Film Fest (Rin and I were actors in the short Very Horrendous Shit).

Saturday-THE DAY: Easily the busiest day of the weekend, movie screenings going on, every vendor fully stocked, this is the day to go if you want to be in a (or see) costume(s). It’s the most convention-like day, with everyone bustling to find their favourite VHS.

Sunday-Hangover Day: As GrimBrother Dave put it best ” The only thing keeping me going through this day is knowing everyone feels just as shitty as I do”. The main afterparty is always held on Saturday night so most of the guests/vendors/volunteers are dead on Sunday. It’s the day to make sure you finished any conversations started and get the contacts of your future friends/customers/lovers?

This event is one of my favourite things of the year (after Halloween and Burn The Kids [Canada Day] Fireworks) and it’s only getting larger. I really love this event because it was made as a big Fuck You to Hobbystar for destroying Fan Expo Toronto (read:raising ticket prices exorbitantly, making the horror line-up a shitshow, turning to brobro gaming).  Shock Stock is always about the fans, and always about the sleaze.

James and Jake continued to bring in world class guests this year, including:

-Christina Lindberg of “Thriller/They Call Her One Eye”, and “Anita The Swedish Nymphet” (first Canadian appearance)

-Naomi Grossman, “Pepper” from “American Horror Story”

-Joel Reed, director of “Bloodsucking Freaks”

Art Hindle and Cindy Hinds, from “The Brood”

Patricia Quinn. Magenta from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

the list goes on, hardcore models(male and female, don’t discriminate!), Horror production companies, indie filmmakers, the list goes on.

Some of my favourite memories from the weekend include seeing Hansel Hartleib open a certified Gold Record  professionally framed by Rin Vanderhaeghe, having Black Fawn Films owner Chad Archibald personally give me a limited Black Fawn bandana(because he saw me last year with their first bandana at Shock Stock), meeting and befriending Christina Lindberg’s cameraman for an upcoming Swedish Television full-length documentary(due out in about 2 years), and getting to talk with The Great Orbax (Monsters of Schlock) about preserving insects and various hard body mods.

Altogether I am happy that the weekend was a success and I had a great time. It was a lot of hard work but we’re all still here, so thank you to the guests, vendors,volunteers, patrons, and Jake & James for making this event even bigger and better than last year.

post.script.I think there might be a followup to this post later on next week(possibly just adding pictures to this post), but right now I’m studying nuclear decay and enzymatic reactions, so I think I’ll wait until after exams and make a post about my Record Store Day(It was today!) experience before posting about SHOCK STOCK again.


GOBLIN performing Live in London Ontario For SHOCK STOCK 2012

During the month of April 2012 I had the opportunity to volunteer for Canada’s only Horror and Exploitation VHS Swap Convention- SHOCK STOCK 2012. While many crazy and exciting events took place I especially loved this one.

The legendary prog-rock horror band GOBLIN performed in London, Ontario Canada. This was a huge deal, with This being their first show in Canada! Lots of hoopla and hearsay surrounds what happened on this night, for another event was scheduled to take place before the GOBLIN show. Joanna Angel (link NSFW), the creator of Burning Angel was to perform a zombie striptease, but certain bylaws in this conservative town limit where “arousing” performances could be made. I will publicly state that Joanna Angel and the SHOCK STOCK organizers were harassed by local officials, with the police force going so far as to send tactical officers into the Centennial Hall “checking up” on Joanna Angels signing table.

With this being said, Our local firefighters are allowed-nay-encouraged to strip for charity in front of hundreds of “aroused” citizens. I am perfectly OK with these events going on, but when the law is completely disregarded when city officials are breaking it, then I get fairly pissed off. Ultimately the event is starting to get a bit of press in our  city, but our local news service( a CTV-owned company) refuses to cover it.

This was a disappointment, but it was not the main act, and so GOBLIN still went onto the stage after some choice words by co-organizer Jake Grimbro. They still performed beautifully, and they still tore the fucking house down. It was amazing, with renditions of Friday the 13th and other horror themes. Classic Argento soundtracks were executed with dancing hands on several synths, sweeping bass solos, and a smashing 3-5 minute drum extravaganza near the end of the show. I couldn’t have asked for more, and I thank Vagrancy Films, Grimbrothers Entertainment, Dr. Dukes VHS swap, Bob’s Ultimate Meats and all the businesses that could attend this amazing weekend!

For photos of this lovely show and crazy-as-fuck weekend I turn you to my partners (Milaslova sweatereyes) amazing  photo sets of the horror and exploitation convention SHOCK STOCK 2012, found here and here.!!!!!!

post script- I will be posting my own photos and more memories of the days while working at the Vagrancy Films merchandise table for SHOCK STOCK 2012.