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Quick Indie Media Update + New Formulation of a Custom Sticker Series

A few weeks ago I posted about a zine I ordered-The Keep, a horror and macabre themed zine filled with short stories/poetry about eerie nights in cemeteries and grisly crimes where no one suspects. Well, I got it in the mail yesterday! It’s an awesome project led by Torin Langen of Candle Flame Films, who puts forth his skills as co-author, editor, printer, illustrator, designer, everything else-and does a damned fine job for it being the first issue. This release has the feel of Are you Afraid of The Dark, a 90’s Canadian children show about a group of middle schoolers sneaking out after dark to tell stories of the paranormal(one of my favourite shows as a kid, staying up to watch it on YTV!). Be sure to Check out Torin & Zach of Candle Flame Films & REC Films at the 3rd Annual Shock Stock Horror Convention in London Ontario, April 12th-14th 2013. I’ll be posting more about this amazing event, as I’ve been involved some way/shape/or form for the last two convention(this one also).


During that post I also previewed a forthcoming series, which I’m now ready to reveal more details about.  These images show a sticker series, which draws from cosmology, Buddhist meditations, and fictitious animals. I will be possibly pairing them with previously and future zines, as well as selling separately. Creating a base of zines will be my task over the next couple of months, but this project gives a bit of a creative outlet(not worrying necessarily about perfection, and more the flow of several converging patterns, quite relaxing actually). This is still while continuing school! More exams are scheduled for this coming week-so wish me luck, as I was sick the previous week and am now studying like mad to catch up.




The Thirteenth Day

While, yesterday might be a favourite of mine(language-wise),I don’t like the way the Language pieces turn out when in landscape format. I’ll try again maybe, but this should be the last for a little while.  Other news-I am elbows deep in textbooks and notes, 4 exams, let’s go! I’ve now completely knocked over our plant stand not once, but twice in the last 3 days(rising from computer table). We’ve had this set-up for a while, so all in all, not fun. Some days I have trouble writing, others it’s the visual aspect, but I continue to pump out the series, and this pleases me.