“If we jump right it’s three feet, if not then we fall 30 feet down a hill. Deal?”-Osheaga is hell, and I came back from it.

During the previous week I was unavailable, an occurrence happened outside of my regional jurisdictions. As such, I felt the need several days ago to proceed along various transit routes to the North American Nexus of Montreal.(With my partner-in-crime Sweater Eyes)I moved towards the Music/Arts Festival known as Osheaga.  This journey had been several months in the making, including various internet deals for travel and accommodation-we had been told everything books extremely fast. As we found out, Montreal also had an animé/comic-con style convention the same weekend.

I am in the midst of re-arranging my life(sorting through post-secondary bureaucracy,finding meaningful employment, minimalizing belongings), as such I will be working on another(picture-filled) post about this arduous endeavour my partner and I travelled into. In the mean time, here is a quick teaser.


Sigur Rós was the most beautiful experience I will ever have the pleasure of living through. We were lucky enough to see all of Florence and the Machine’s full set. Then running around to see MGMT perform four songs including a new one-Alien Conquest; then running back to main stage to see Justice performing the end of Stress and see five other songs. Amazingly awesome house to dance to for 20 minutes. Sunday was a mixture of superstorms and brief shine, Zola Jesus had her set cut after 2 songs, because Osheaga failed to plan for the rain adequately(this is their seventh year). Then seeing a multitude of bands including Santigold, Metric, The Asexuals, Austra, Franz Ferdinand, countless electronic sets, all in all pretty crazy. After being lost in Montreal, finding the best grilled cheese sandwich, exploring back-alley graffiti art galleries, sifting through meticulously stocked records shops, and running down a half built freeway off-ramp at 1:30am in the three days. With travel and unpleasant nonsense the adventure took place over five-and-one-half days. We’ll see about next year though.


A short and concise rundown of the events. I will continue arranging various time fragments and memory allocation resources to bring another update in the foreseeable future have added photos of Sigur Rós taken during OSHEAGA. My post containing Saturday, Sunday, and the return home is very, very late but it is coming I promise-with PHOTOS this time!

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